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Pledge £90

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£90 Story Teller pledge contains all of the below:

- 2x Digital, PC copy of Thea 2: The Shattering (Steam key),
- 1x Digital copy of Thea: The Awakening (Choice of PC, XboxOne or PS4),
- Provide an inspiration for a quest that will be implemented by MuHa Games in the game,*
- Your name put into the game as one of the random character names**,
- Thea 2: The Shattering digital soundtrack,
- PDF of Thea: the Bestiary (Includes creatures and lore for Thea 1 and 2),
- Set of selected card graphics in PDF,
- KS exclusive main menu screen,
- 2x KS exclusive wallpaper,
- Your name in the credits and our eternal thanks for being awesome!

* The inspiration can include up to 500 words, names for characters and even event art ideas, but final approval and execution is up to the design team

** Subject to deadlines and final approval by MuHa team to ensure appropriate content.

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